Visiting Georgia: 5 must-see areas

Given Georgia’s size, you might be inclined to think that it’s a country that can be visited quickly and that you’ll have covered it all in no time. It would be a big mistake to believe that!

Georgia boasts an impressive diversity of landscapes, climates, cuisines and cultures. It’s extremely impressive when you see little Georgia on the map between two behemoths: Russia and Turkey.

It’s also very interesting to discover a ‘young’ country, which came into being in the 90s after leaving the USSR. You will regularly see remnants of this heavy past. Despite the country’s youth, discover it with peace of mind, as it is very safe, as detailed in this article.

Find out what you absolutely must visit and do when you’re in Georgia.

Natural hot spring in Georgia

1. Visit Svanetia

The mountainous region of Svanetia, nestling in the heart of the Caucasus, is a real treasure trove! Its landscapes are breathtaking: snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys and ancient villages dotted with impressive medieval towers. Natural beauty is just the beginning of what makes this region so special.

The activities are varied, but generally have a connection with the surrounding nature. The hiking trails offer an incredible adventure, allowing you to discover breathtaking panoramas while immersing yourself in the local culture. History buffs can visit captivating museums and ancient churches, immersing themselves in a rich and fascinating past. But what really makes Svanetia unique are its people. The Svans are welcoming and proud to share their traditions, local cuisine and folklore.

What is truly unique about this region is the preservation of its traditional culture and way of life. It’s as if time has stood still to preserve an authentic way of life. There’s more to Svanetia than spectacular scenery: it’s a real immersion in a deep, unspoilt culture. It’s a place where nature and tradition meet, offering a tangible and enriching experience for any lucky visitor.

You need to take your time to discover Svanetia as it should be. But time is of the essence, because outside the summer season, or even late spring and early autumn, the weather conditions are very difficult and access is sometimes impossible.


Must-see places in Svanetia :

  • Mestia: capital of the region, you’ll find all the amenities you need and will certainly be the starting point for many activities.
  • Village of Ushguli: the highest village in Europe, with breathtaking views of the medieval towers that dot the village.


Activities in Svanetia :

  • Walks: there are walks for all levels and of all lengths. Whether you want to go hiking for a day or 2/3 weeks, the choice is yours.
  • Cycling tours
  • Horse riding
  • Camping: as in the rest of Georgia, you’re free to go wherever you like with a vehicle and you can camp wherever you like.
  • Glacier visits
  • Mountaineering
  • Rafting with levels of difficulty between 3 and 4
  • Skiing from mid-December to mid-April
  • Resting, sightseeing, making friends with the locals, etc.
Medieval towers in Ushguli

2. Visit the Kakhetia region

Georgia’s Kakhetia region is famous for its natural diversity, rich historical heritage and thriving wine scene.

Situated to the east of Georgia, Kakhetia is a land of contrasts, where vast fertile plains meet the imposing peaks of the Caucasus. This region offers a striking visual spectacle, with lush green fields of vines stretching as far as the eye can see, contrasting with the mountainous terrain surrounding picturesque towns such as Telavi, the cultural and administrative heart of Kakhetia.

Winegrowing is deeply rooted in the soul of this region. Renowned vineyards produce some of Georgia’s best-loved wines, both for their quality and for their traditional production techniques. The “marani” (wine cellars) offer an immersive experience, allowing visitors to discover the age-old art of Georgian winemaking.

Kakhetia is also full of historical treasures. Medieval fortresses such as Gremi, with its impressive architecture, and the Ikalto complex, cradle of medieval Georgian education, transport visitors back to the region’s glorious past. Ancient monasteries and churches such as Alaverdi and David Gareja bear witness to a deep spirituality and offer fascinating insights into Georgian religious art.

Kakhetian cuisine is a true celebration of local flavours. Traditional dishes such as “khinkali” (Georgian ravioli) or “khashlama” (meat stew) are not to be missed. The bustling markets are bursting with fresh produce, offering visitors an authentic taste experience.

What makes Kakhetia so captivating is the symbiosis between its rich cultural heritage and its diverse landscapes. This region offers a complete experience, from tasting exquisite wines to exploring historic sites and sampling traditional dishes. Kakhetia is a must-see destination for anyone seeking to discover authentic Georgia, where past and present meet in spellbinding harmony.

This region is ideal for visiting Georgia in winter, as explained in our article.


Must-see places in Kakhetia :

  • Visit the Nekressi monastery
  • Visit the beautiful village of Sighnaghi, the village of love
  • Visit the David Garedja monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Visit the Bodbe monastery
  • Visit the Alaverdi monastery
  • Exploring the Vashlovani desert
  • Explore Lagodekhi National Park
  • Visit the Ujarma fortress


Activities in Kakhetia:

  • Taste Georgian wines in a number of cellars across the region
  • Camping: as in the rest of Georgia, you’re free to go wherever you like with a vehicle and you can camp wherever you like.
  • Hiking: there’s plenty of choice when it comes to hiking
  • Horse-riding: there are ranches where you can hire horses easily
  • Cycling tours
  • Hot-air ballooning: you can take a ride in Sighnaghi
  • Tyrolean traverse: available at Sighnaghi
  • Strolling around, resting in quiet places, etc.
Pretty view of the Vashlovani desert

3. Visiting Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia’s lively and captivating capital, where ancient history blends with emerging modernity, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Situated at the confluence of the River Koura and at the foot of the Caucasus mountains, Tbilisi is a fascinating city with many facets. Its charm lies in its eclectic mix of architecture, where historic buildings blend their silhouettes with contemporary structures.

The soul of Tbilisi can be discovered in its distinct districts. The old town, with its narrow cobbled streets, ancient sulphur baths and Narikala fortress offering panoramic views, transports visitors back to the town’s medieval past. The picturesque alleyways are full of cafés, art galleries and craft shops, creating a bohemian atmosphere.

Modernity is expressed through the city’s more recent districts. Elegant skyscrapers, sophisticated shopping centres and a vibrant art scene are all part of the contemporary face of Tbilisi. The lively nightlife and restaurants offering innovative Georgian cuisine reflect the cosmopolitan character and vitality of the capital.

Tbilisi’s cultural wealth is evident in its many museums, theatres and opera houses, offering an insight into Georgian art, music and literature. Ancient churches such as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and the Basilica of Sioni bear witness to the Orthodox faith and tradition.

Tbilisi’s cuisine is a veritable feast for the taste buds. Traditional restaurants serve iconic dishes such as ‘khachapuri’ (cheese bread) or ‘lobio’ (simmered red beans), while markets such as the famous Dezerter Bazaar offer an explosion of colour and flavour with their fresh produce and spices.

Tbilisi, with its unique combination of past and present, history and modernity, offers a fascinating urban experience. It’s a city where you can explore historical treasures while being swept away by a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Tbilisi is much more than a capital; it’s a window on Georgia, where every corner reveals a new facet of this rich and bewitching culture.

Unlike many large cities, Tbilisi is a very safe city! There may also be a few small scams, but no particular insecurity. If you’d like to find out more, we’ve written a full article on safety in Georgia.


Must-see places in Tbilisi :

  • Visit the impressive Georgian Chronicle monument
  • Visit the imposing Trinity Cathedral
  • Crossing the Peace Bridge by day and night
  • Visit the Narikala fortress
  • Discover the beautiful Leghvtakhevi waterfall in the heart of the city
  • Visit Tbilisi’s exceptional botanical garden


Activities in Tbilisi :

  • Have fun in the Mtatsminda theme park overlooking the city
  • Treat yourself to one of the city’s many restaurants
  • Visit the old quarters of Tbilisi
  • Sulphur baths
  • Enjoy the lively nightlife of bars, discos and private parties, which are easy to get invited to
  • Discover numerous museums (including the incredible Tbilisi Digital Space museum)
  • Nature walks, directly from the city
  • Stroll around, discovering the modern city, the old town, Georgian gastronomy, etc.
View of the historic district of Tilissi

4. Visit the Kazbegui region

The Kazbegi region, also known as Stepantsminda, is a pearl in the foothills of the Caucasus, offering spectacular scenery and an unforgettable mountain experience in Georgia.

Kazbegi’s most recognisable landmark is Mount Kazbek, majestic and imposing, dominating the horizon with its snow-capped peaks. Climbing this mountain is a challenge for mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts, offering breathtaking views of exceptional Alpine scenery.

The town of Stepantsminda, the main centre of the region, is a picturesque place where Georgian traditions blend with growing mountain tourism. The quiet streets offer a relaxed atmosphere, while the friendly locals are happy to share their culture and hospitality.

One of the region’s treasures is the monastery of Gergeti, perched on a hill overlooking Stepantsminda. This Orthodox place of worship not only offers a spiritual experience, but also a breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Kazbek and the surrounding area.

Nature lovers will love the Sno Valley, with its lush green meadows, crystal-clear rivers and dense forests. Hiking trails wind through this unspoilt countryside, offering unique opportunities to explore the local flora and fauna.

Kazbegi’s cuisine reflects the authenticity of the region, featuring traditional dishes such as ‘khinkali’ or ‘khachapuri’, often prepared with fresh local ingredients. Inns and restaurants also provide a warm setting for savouring these culinary delights while chatting with the locals.

Kazbegi is much more than just a mountain region. It’s a natural sanctuary where adventurers can lose themselves in breathtaking landscapes, where Georgian culture blends harmoniously with the splendour of snow-capped peaks. This region offers a wild and welcoming experience, where every moment is a deep immersion in the majesty of the mountains and the warmth of Georgian culture.


Must-see places in the Kazbegi region:

  • Visit the Church of the Trinity in Guerguéti (really, it’s a must-see!)
  • Visit the Monastery of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Dariali
  • Admire the Gergeti glacier
  • Visit the monument to Russian-Georgian friendship
  • Visit the Ananuri monastery/fortress


Activities in Kazbegi :

  • Enjoying yourself at the open-air natural water pool
  • Climbing Mount Kazbek
  • A wealth of walks in the mountains and valleys
  • Paragliding in the Caucasus mountains
  • Skiing during the ski season
  • Camping with a vehicle in the middle of the Caucasus mountains
  • Discover little-known treasures by visiting the many valleys of Kazbegi
Gergeti church with camper van

5. Visiting Koutaïssi and the surrounding area

Koutaïssi is an important Georgian town with a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Koutaïssi, Georgia’s second largest city, is located in the Imerethie region, offering an interesting blend of tradition and modernity. It is renowned for its ancient history, being the former capital of the kingdom of Colchis.

The city centre of Koutaïssi is marked by lively streets, colourful markets and historic buildings. The central square, known as the Piazza, is a melting pot of cafés, shops and local entertainment, offering a glimpse of everyday life in the city.

Bagrati Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the symbols of Koutaïssi. Built in the 11th century, it boasts remarkable medieval architecture and offers a panoramic view of the city from its summit.

Prometheus Cave, near Koutaïssi, is an important archaeological site with a legendary association with Prometheus. It is famous for its spectacular rock formations and mythological history.

Koutaïssi’s cuisine features traditional Georgian dishes such as ‘lobiani’ (bread stuffed with beans) and ‘mchadi’ (corn cake), often prepared with fresh local ingredients from the town’s markets.

Koutaïssi offers an interesting immersion in Georgian history and culture, with its historic sites and lively urban atmosphere. It’s a destination that combines heritage, authenticity and an experience of local life for those who want to discover a less touristy side of Georgia.

You can also visit the town of Tskaltubo, with its many sanatoria dating from the Stalinist era. Most of them are still abandoned, so you can visit them and discover hidden wonders. Without a doubt, a unique urbex that will leave a lasting impression.


Must-see places in the Imerethie region:

  • Visit the Prometheus caves
  • Visit the Okatse canyon
  • Visit Bagrati Cathedral
  • Visit the town of Tskaltubo (abandoned sanatoria)
  • Visit the Gelati monastery
  • Visit the Motsameta monastery
  • Visit the Katchkhi peak
  • Visit the town of Chiatura (Soviet cable car network)


Activities in the Imerethie region :

  • Enjoy natural hot springs in the heart of nature
  • Camp wherever you like
  • Going back in time in the Sataplia reserve
  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Tyrolean traverse
Interior of an abandoned sanatorium in Tkhaltubo

Bonus: other places to discover in Georgia

Obviously, there’s a lot more to Georgia than these 5 regions, so here’s a short, but not exhaustive, list of places that are well worth a visit if you have the time.


  • The Borjomi region, with its nature park, hot springs, ski slopes, Rabati castle and Vardzia troglodyte monastery complex.


  • The Batumi region, with its capital of the same name, its old town, beaches, casinos and exceptional botanical gardens.


  • The Ratcha region, with its particularly beautiful nature, mountains, natural springs and very special, relaxing atmosphere. This region is only accessible by car, so you can hire an insured and reliable vehicle from us.


We invite you to take a look at the official website of the national parks in Georgia, where you can see the prices of a wide range of activities to do in the country, and then you can also book your tickets online in advance.

If you hire one of our vehicles, don’t hesitate to ask us for a tailor-made tour to suit your tastes, your wishes and your available time. All your criteria will be taken into account.


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